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What is the Craiyon AI image generator and how does it work?… – The US Sun

EVERYONE is talking about AI art generators at the moment and one of the biggest names among them is Craiyon AI.
The clever tech can "draw" just about anything that you describe in seconds.
Read on below to find out what all the fuss about.
Craiyon AI is image generation engine.
It uses clever artificial intelligence and machine learning to create images for you.
The tech behind it does this by referring to a huge database of images behind the scenes, which it's used to "learn" from.
But it has its limits and the results can be hit and miss.
Craiyon AI is very easy for anyone to use – you don't have to be creative.
Just go to craiyon.com and you can type out in the box what it is you want.
So you could go for something wild like an orange flower floating in space in the style of Van Gogh and it'll create a number of results.
It usually comes back with nine choices.
You can click any image to zoom in or go for the screenshot button to copy it to your clipboard.
Craiyon is based off of DALL-E and there have been loads popping up recently.
Stable Diffusion and Stable Diffusion are just a couple worth mentioning.
The best free AI art generator really depends on how many images are in the system's database – the more the better.
You be the judge.
See a full list worth looking at here.
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