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Ancient Delphi

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They go to Greece in order to enjoy a magnificent beach vacation and, of course, examine the ancient attractions, many of which appeared several millennia ago. And one of the most beloved by tourists is the ancient city of Delphi, which stands on the slope of Mount Parnas. This city at one time was known for the Pythias who lived here, to whom many great and legendary people turned to the advice, for example, Tsar Midas and Alexander Macedonian. Initially, young girls became Pythias, but a little later, older women began to choose as predictors, while the age of Pythia was supposed to be at least 50 years. They made predictions when they fell into a trance, for which they sat down in front of the crevice, from which stupefying pairs rose.

The ancient delfs are now impressive by tourists, the sanctuary of Apollo, which was incredibly rich in the ancient world, is especially interesting, because all the pilgrims brought any values ​​to the gods, moreover, sculptural monuments made of marble or bronze, as well as treasury were built in the sanctuary. Despite the fact that now there is very little left from the famous sanctuary of Apollo, namely the base with several columns, it still makes an indelible impression, especially if you imagine how the temple looked in antiquity.

Old athletes are very well preserved. The stadium is also of interest, where even now you can see the line of start and finish. Having wandered over the ruins of the ancient delf, it is necessary to visit the archaeological museum, the collection of which includes more than 6 thousand exhibits. The most famous exhibit is the statue of the Delphic charioteer, made of bronze in 474 BC. This museum also has fragments of sculptures of Artemis and Apollo.

And to the east of the city there are modern delfs where you can relax and have a delicious lunch.

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