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Türkiye. Temples, mosques and magnificent bays

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Olive trees, beaches and snow -covered peaks of Mount Ararat – Turkey meets guests with an abundance of picturesque landscapes. In addition to this, the monuments of culture and the history of numerous empires that existed here for more than nine thousand years have been turning a trip to Turkey into an unforgettable adventure.

Traveling in the Turkish Republic begins in rural areas. The lively Istanbul highways are soon replaced by the green fields of Eastern Thrace-a completely different landscape, with traditional tea, bazaars and caravanserakiyami. Modern highaves, Roman ruins and monuments like those represented in Helibola (Gallipoli), where Turkish detachments successfully restrained the landing of the Anglo-French troops in April and August 1915, and even more so-they delight the eyes.

The Mediterranean coast of Western Anatolia, the “coast of the world”, are the historical regions of the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome in all their exciting beauty. Among them are Pergames, Ephesus and Miletus, amazing samples of art of long time that have long been gone. Also, without exaggeration, it can be said that Hellenic mathematicians and philosophers who lived in Ionia, on the western border of Asia Minor, stood at the origins of European civilization.

On the southern coast between Marmaris and Alania, luxurious beaches are delighted, where all the conditions for relaxation and sports are created. At the service of adventurers Rafting, paraglood flights, hiking in mountains and caves. And if you look a little, you can find wonderful corners of untouched nature.

The area of ​​fishing villages, farms and winding paths between the Olympos Mountains and the coast is turned into a desired place to relax, where the infrastructure from the very beginning was subtly inscribed in the environment. Programs known as the South Antalya project or the Kemirsa project were crowned with complete success. The motto “less will become big” works, which proof is the hotels and boutiques of the luxury class.

To the east of the fortress of Anamur, erected in a magnificent place over the sea, your “Turkish adventures” will begin for truly. Only a few come to such a distance to see the vast expanses of Eastern Anatolia. As far as the eye is enough, the earth looks completely deserted, dusty villages are far from the bottom barely noticeable against the background of a rural landscape. In this area, the largest lake of Turkey van is located in the Far East and the highest mountain Ararat rises to the sky. You should also visit the Nemrut-Dag in the Taurus Mountains-a man-made mountain with a royal tomb of two thousand years. Lake Van and the city of the same name, of course, deserve a longer visit.

In Central Anatolia, you can study Muslim culture in all its diversity, especially in the mountainous areas between the Taurus mountains in the south and the Pontic – near the Black Sea. Cities Sivas and Konya are centers of the Islamic world.

You should certainly visit Cappadocia with its bizarre erosion landscapes around the Neguster and Gereme. Landscapes composed of tuffs are simply amazing. Byzantine monks were looking for asylum from the attacks of Arabs-Muslims here. Now cave dwellings and churches are a giant open -air museum.

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