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How organized a summer vacation in the camp?

by dnews7

Every summer, parents send their children on vacation. Modern children’s health camps are equipped with all necessary, sports grounds, games, computers. They are located in picturesque places, on the seashore, rivers or in the forest. The territory around is an excellent landscape park created by the hands of experienced designers. Bizarre forms of bushes, magnificent flower beds decorate areas near the buildings.

In cozy rooms, modern furniture, cassette -type air conditioners Split Fujitsu. Unlike conventional air conditioners, cassette spread air through the lower part of the block. They occupy less space, cool the air perfectly, which is extremely important in the hot season. Thanks to them, the air in the rooms is maintained within the normal temperature recommended by vacationers.

For children, a balanced, excellent nutrition is organized. Products use only fresh, without harmful additives. The doctor checks the quality of food, and also monitors the health of the guys.

The children who came here undergo adaptation before starting to swim in the water. The bathing time is limited, the teacher makes sure that the children do not injure and do not burn in the sun. Employees of the children’s health center create all the conditions for the children to leave home healthy and stronger. Great attention is paid to sports. It offers excursions and campaigns in the forest, thematic evenings and concerts. Those who like to sit at the computer have this opportunity in their free time. Violation of the regime in the camp is not welcome, experienced educators who are responsible for the life and health of their wards are monitored by its compliance. Here, children find new friends, have a fun time and, when it comes time to leave home, in the eyes of everyone the undisguised sadness.

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