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Antalya is a favorite Turkish resort among tourists from all over the world, offering its visitors a wonderful rest at sea and a variety of modern entertainment.

Antalya became the first resort in the country, so it is here that the experience of receiving guests from different countries of the globe has been accumulated.

An invariable advantage of Antalya, in comparison with other Turkish resorts, is a climate that pleases with stable weather, a bright sun and a warm sea throughout the year. Antalya offers its visitors a wide variety of beaches – from sandy or wrap to mixed beach beach zones.

Active vacation lovers will find a lesson to their liking. Almost all existing types of extreme and sports entertainment, as well as amazing tours around the country are presented here.

Thirsty for the history of the ancient civilization are waiting for numerous sights of the resort.

Antalya is a paradise for shopaholics. In local stores, you can find everything you want: shoes and clothes, accessories and jewelry, paintings and carpets, as well as many trinkets, pleasant little things and souvenirs.

Prices in the resort stores hesitate in a rather large range. At the same time, the purchase of the same thing in various places can differ significantly in cost. As in the whole country, the ability to conduct bargaining is highly valued in Antalya, after which it can reduce the price by half, or even three times.

In view of the fact that the resort is the center of youth recreation, lovers of nightlife will not have to be bored. The abundance of bars, clubs and discos dizzy even experienced tourists.

Antalya resort includes two districts – Lara and AKSU.

Lara is a dynamically developing center of Turkey. Recently, many modern hotel complexes have been built here, which offer a quality vacation. Not far from the local beach, the intercourse of the Duden and the Sea River, as a result of which a waterfall is formed – one of the most beautiful attractions of Antalya.

AKSU is located on the river of the same name. The area is distinguished by a picturesque landscape, an abundance of carnations and eucalyptus plantations, the unique aroma of which fills the entire region of the resort.

Regardless of the Antalya region, there is the possibility of choosing both economical and fashionable hotel. Developed infrastructure and the excellent resort service provide the appropriate level of recreation.

Antalya is perfect for vacationers with children, since for them there are many entertainments at the resort. While the animator entertains children, parents can use the SPA services, the effect of which will be noticeable almost immediately after the procedures.

Antalya is convenient in that the international airport is located near the city.

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