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And again about love…

by dnews7

With the word “love”, many are bewildered to be bewildered … an imposed modern stereotype – an exchange of sex with material values, replaced love in the minds of some people, especially young. Thus, having deprived people of a huge and very important part of life, there may be even its meaning.

The need for love is a natural human need, it is inherent in us from above. Being children, most people receive love from their mother – an unconditional, all -consuming. In adolescence, there is another need to love and be a loved one of the opposite sex. This need can be so strong that a teenager, often, is not even able to cope with a storm of emotions and deal with them. This condition can bring suffering, the young man receives the first mental wounds and disappointments. After that, many people develop a cynical attitude to the subject for the whole subsequent life – like protective armor to protect themselves from pain.

And a mature successful person is often in the “armor” of his cynicism. He is used to buying everything, afford any pleasure. He can remain a loner, or maybe even has a house and family – without love, and believes that he solved all his problems – is it so? Often he needs simple human relationships, only does not want to let them through his armor, does not want pain and disappointment. They write about this in novels, make films, compose poems.

Subconsciously, people are still looking for love. Moreover, the need to be successful, rich and recognized is, very often, a transformed need to love and be loved. But, alas, the emotions received from the implementation of their needs will only give a temporary break. They cannot replace real feelings. Attempts to remake human nature, the soul is ridiculous and doomed in advance to failure. Attempts to replace the true needs of the soul with some surrogate are funny all the more.

Therefore, the question – why men want love – sounds a little strange. This is a necessity given to people from above, just like a woman’s need to love. A person devoid of love is unhappy, no matter how successful and recognized he was. Anyone who has experienced this feeling at least once – it doesn’t matter whether this unhappy was love, or happy, still knows what it is – to fly on wings, to be intoxicated by his feelings. And he will still look for love as a gift of fate, consciously or unconsciously, he understands this or not.

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