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Chrysler refuses V8 engines

by dnews7

It seems that this news will disappoint all lovers of sports cars and in particular, those who love Chrysler and monstrous supercars with powerful V8 figurative power units. Representatives of the American Automobile Company Chrysler shared information with the V8X automobile magazine that they do not intend to launch updated models with a new motor, t. To. They currently have completely different plans.

Nevertheless, many automobile experts were sure that Chrysler would take the release of Chrysler 300 with V8 motor. Recall that the standard American sedan of the 2012 model year is equipped with a 6-liter Hemi engine for developing 473 horsepower and 648 nm of torque. The entire power of the famous power unit is transmitted to four wheels through a five -speed automatic gearbox. As reported by Whels-Neds reports will soon be represented by a beyond the powerful and charged version of the popular full-size American sedan. But another automobile company said that she was glad to prepare a special V8 Supercars model. Surely few questions will have any questions which model Nissan decided to equip the V8 engine, this model has become one of the most polar sportsman to date-Nissan GT-R. According to some reports, the new power unit will be developed by Infiniti 5. 0 liter gasoline engine. But so, or not we will find out only closer to 2013.

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