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Hotel JAZ BELVEDERE 5*, charm El Sheikh, Egypt

by dnews7

Assessment to the hotel – 5

I chose to my taste, for myself, my daughter, 1 year and my mother, Jaz Belvedere, an Italian hotel, where they supposedly do not like Russians, is designed for a measured family vacation, with a small sea without corals, a long beach, Italian animation (means Russians really there will be little). I did not regret the choice of my. Italians, beautiful people, they know how to have fun, do not yell at children and spouses, do not swear and create a cult of a harmonious family.

Upon arrival, they received a room for 4 adults (double bed, 2 sofas), with a large terases, a wooden crib, in a good building next to a recipe and restaurants (yes, there were vacationers who complained about their long -range buildings). The attitude was excellent, the service is super, with the washing of linen, swans, the preparation of 3 children’s bottles at night (milk, water for porridge, juice).

All rushed for the small. She was fed in the dining room, they brought fruit ice cream 5 times a day if the bar workers saw in their rejection. We liked the dietary and children’s menu. I can say that many dishes, and not dietary, can eat a child, since everything is low -fat and without pork.

The animation is good. Until now, Malaya listens to the disk and dancing, singing on Italian it is not clear what else was the site, children’s club, decorating the muzzle, walking Furri – sea star Stellin (first love of love)

The sea is excellent, warm +24, Malaya herself ran as much as she wanted, I jumped with her from Panton to swim three times.

The length of the beach is large, there are more than 400 sunbeds, for every 2 – an umbrella. There are places where there were once the Coals and they were cut, and closer to Panton, to the very depths, she walked along the bottom along the sand, worried only for fish and heels to dick her fans, there is an opportunity to walk on our and 2m pantons neighbors to the right and left of us where there are reefs.

Every day there was aquaerobika, dancing by the water, Dartz, volleyball, live music, children’s disco, evening show and adult disco. Apart from the lessons of the visit in the bar, jokes on the beach, running transvestite, welcoming dinner. Yes, everything is in Italian. But everything is clear.

Well, besides animation and pleasant Italians, both mothers and guys, we came to the bar to dinner and listened to live singing. The Italian sang perfectly: between Sting and Kirkorov, the repertoire was selected in good faith. There was tango and modern. So with animators or vacationers, one could cook. What did my Maroussia do. After dinner, we listened again to singing, walked along the shore, walked on the playground, burst ice cream, waited for children’s discos.

At 21: 00 Furi came and took the children with his parents to the amphitheater for a children’s disco (this is the strongest Mariykino impression of rest). And at 22 the show program began, under the rutual Mariyakov was in my arms.

There were Russians, who fooching both the children’s disco and on the entire Italian animation and the show, while their children understood the animators and did everything that they showed with joy, there are still no politics in their heads and this is great. But how not to understand the musical show or sketches of the drama-circle, when the situations beat the classic from life, regardless of the language, I do not know.

On the day of our departure, the animators flew away, while others stopped in place. So, as it was later after the shift, it remains only to guess.

As one tourist noted in the reviews to the hotel: “Tsdochka for cultural people.”

And only at the hotel I felt what it was about.

I will add from myself that this is a vacation for children.

By the way, the children’s pool is very warm +32, so she swam with her daughter in an adult +28, dressing her overshrower.

My leisure flew to Tartarara at night before leaving. Most of the “Italians” (these are all non -Russian, Europeans) moved away and brothers from the eastern regions drove. Lovely conversations on Terasse behind a glass of Malibu about children on a pumpki English English (Italians know this language poorly and little) stopped with their departure, and drinking and throatings of folk songs appeared on the night. And since ours and Manya Terassassa are wider than the Bulcon of the 2nd-3rd floors, the cigarette butts flying on their heads were also added. In one first evening, police were called to the hotel 2 times. Again, when we flew away, the remaining Italians, Baltic states, Slovaks, French, Poles left. The recipe was filled with Moskali: Drinks: with the shouts of “You, I don’t understand Russian?! I will teach you. Che plays Italian music, here are the discs, give the kid on the rack, let him put normal music ”(I’m afraid to imagine what is on the disk). The boy on the recipe clapped the residenniki, because he is Russian not in the tooth with his foot. In general, the staff almost does not speak and do not understand Russian, except for sellers in shops. And it was bitter that they did not explain the hotel in travel agency, which is why not so much tourists suffer as the hotel workers. The representative of the administration complained to me: “If they call the police for the third time, then we will extend the violent. The calm of most tourists is more important “.

Therefore, the appeal could be excellent with us that they did not scold, always smiled, did not yell at the child.

After all, a few Russian -speaking couples complained that the staff was just looking through them. How so? It seems in one hotel and such an abyss between impressions

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