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Hotel Melissa Residence 5*, Kemer, Türkiye

by dnews7

Assessment to the hotel – 4

Hotel…. When buying trips, we were promised 3+, some were told that it was just 3*. During the settlement, we were hanged by bracelets (or what they are called there) 4*. It seemed very strange ..

Hotel accommodation: is located at the highway of roads, a 2 -minute walk from the center of Kemer. There are a couple of supermarkets nearby (in my view these are just large stores, they are still far away to supermarkets), and here you can find everything you need; In the center of the city there are a lot of small shops.

The hotel territory is not impressive in size, rather the opposite: the road- steps- reception- on the left- rooms, staircase, on the right- dining room, pool and bar- fence. There is not a single free meter. In principle, these meters are not needed here … there are some greens.

The pool is quite small, and in order to cool in the heat it is enough. There is a children’s pool and a small children’s slide. Nearby – two souls. Near the pool are sun loungers who are always busy with the same people.

Hotel rooms are very decent. Large cabinet (3 hangers there already!), two tables, a small TV with 2 Russian channels (ru. TV and ORT), 2 bedside tables and 2 beds (kopecks and one and a half), mirror. The room has a bathroom, a bathroom and more mirror. Feng and air conditioning worked properly.

For an additional fee, you can use the safe in the room ($ 1 per day). The iron can be taken at the reception for 1 $.

Room cleaning was carried out periodically. The first 3 days – daily cleaning and shift of towels. Further 3 days break. Again, the change of towels and bed 1 time and all … … The rest of the time only garbage was removed from the toilet. After the complaint written, cleanliness was brought every day.

Animation … as promised, animations – no! Unfortunately…

Food is a separate topic for conversation. For the first five days, she ate only cucumbers and tomatoes. If there was a pure meat, I used it. Then I ate everything because hunger is not an aunt … … an approximate menu:

-Breakfast: various flakes, cheese, sausage (smelly to horror), olives/olives, various vegetable salads, eggs, stewed vegetables, jam, delicious bread.

-Lunch and dinner: pasta/rice/potatoes, something from chicken, 2-3 types of stewed vegetables, types of 20 salads from fresh vegetables, soup pure, watermelon/melon and not always desserts (biscuits and puddings).

– There were still afternoon snacks, but I was there only 1 time – pizza.

In the bar – coffee (espresso, with milk, capchino, etc. D.), tea, cold water, diluted with something like a cent, beer (it seemed non-alcoholic for everyone), white/red wine (washed the barrels from wine and diluted with alcohol), vodka, a local-fanta-prait of local production, a lot of different things still different …… was not fond of drinking. All drinks are free up to 22, 00 …. Russian, as a rule, up to ten is not enough))) but after 22, 00 such prices!!!

The beach ……. the beach was not 600 meters away, as we were promised and, it seems to me, not at 750 m as it is written in the characteristic of the hotel on the Internet … More!!! Definitely more … But the hotel has a free service – bus. Honestly, for 2 weeks of stay there we did not go by bus!!! Firstly, he went at an uncomfortable time for us, and secondly, in a good company and km-not a distance))). The road took 10-15 minutes.

The beach itself (No. 21) is quite small, clean and cozy. Sunbeds stand tightly to each other, but sometimes everyone lacks a place. There are toilets and shower. The entrance to the beach is free. Drinks, frozen, corn, etc. will bring right to your sunbed. D. but already for a fee.

Hotel staff … At the reception is met by very pleasant people who are talking freely in Russian. You can easily solve any problem with them, tell and help in any situation. Not everyone understands the Russian bar … but an order type 2 sprite or 2 beer will be made without problems))). Nice and funny guys work on the beach (hello to them huge!!!). The maids do not understand the nifiga!!!

In general, all staff are extremely polite and helpful. They are 10 points!!!

I don’t know if the guide that meets us from the airport belongs to the hotel personnel, but I will write about it too. It was our guide that was very obsessive with his excursions, and this terribly annoyed.

Shops … they are everywhere!!!! You can leave in the morning and not to return by night … although the goods are the same everywhere, for me you can go 10 shops and everything will be the same as everyone else. You need to bargain everywhere, because prices are already set with this account. The Turks are very fond of communicating and in order to grind their tongue, ready for big gifts … or only from the fact that you went to their store)))

On Monday, Kemer opens a large fruit and vegetable bazaar. Everything can be bought for a penny. But the small difficulties are that sellers are poorly understood Russian and English.

Excursions … it costs any money, because every excursion is a whole program, worked more than once!!!

Turks …. Girls, do not be afraid of them! They will not touch you with your finger if you don’t give you a reason!!! Personally, I fell in love with Turkish men … Energy, optimism and fire in my eyes … ….

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