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How to finish bathroom floors and some tips

by marusia

Choosing the right material for your bathroom floor design is about much more than choosing a color scheme. The idea is to create a floor that is durable, low maintenance, resistant to moisture and still looks stylish.

You can choose from many creative bathroom flooring ideas and materials and order your renovation online https://livingvibes.ca. Some popular ones are porcelain, ceramics, marble and others. Here’s a detailed guide to the different types of bathroom flooring materials to help you choose the best option for your space.

Ceramic tile

Ceramics or porcelain were first invented in China in the 15th century and have come a long way since then. Modern ceramic tiles are dense, strong, extremely durable and can be used in wet areas such as showers, bathrooms or kitchens. They are available in various shapes, patterns and sizes. These tiles are water, heat and stain resistant and are therefore the best choice if you are looking for a non-slip bathroom floor.

Vitreous tiles

Vitreous tiles are produced by vitrification, which is the strengthening of the tile by combining it with quartz, silica or feldspar at high temperatures. This process places a layer of glass on the tiles, giving them a sleek appearance. This further strengthens it and makes it resistant to water and scratches. They also give an elegant look and are suitable for modern bathroom flooring ideas.

Granite floor

Granite is a hard natural stone commonly used in the construction industry. It is known for its high strength and durability. Granite floors are resistant to water and heat, and this material is almost impossible to crack or split. Granite is available in various colors such as white, pink, green, shades of brown or grey. This is a material that will easily fit into the color scheme of your bathroom.

Marble can be considered a cheaper, but less durable analogue. It is a natural stone that has been used by artisans since ancient times. It is known for its luster and is predominantly white in color with some darker colored veining. Marble is available in various colors such as pink, blue, black and grey. It is resistant to water and heat,

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