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Hyundai and BMW will become partners

by dnews7

As it became known representatives of BMW and Hyundai, negotiations on a possible further cooperation, which will be associated with the development of engines and other components of the car. According to reports, negotiations are in the initial stage and are confidential, it also became known that the South Korean and German companies already discussed the details of the partnership and agreed to share the costs of equally.

After the negotiations in Munich, the transaction value is estimated at two billion euros. It is no secret that this partnership is beneficial for both sides, the German company BMW will achieve saving due to the growth of production, while the South Korean company Hyundai will gain access to the gasoline power units of the Bavarians, especially those that are installed on flagship models. We note the fact that the German company is already cooperating with the PSA Peugeot Citroen and recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Japanese company Toyota. Starting since 2014, equipped cars 1, 6, 0-liter diesel engines will appear on the market.

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