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Hyundai Santa Fe – Technical characteristics

by dnews7

More recently, Hyundai has published teaser images of the updated Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 model, today the novelty is officially presented on a show in New York. The car is presented in two versions a standard crossover and a crossover that has an enlarged wheelbase and seven seats. It is also worth noting that in different countries the car will be sold under different names, in the USA the standard version is called as Santa Fe Sport, and the seven -seater crossover has just Santa Fe. And the European version is called Santa Fe for the standard version and Grand Santa Fe for a version with an increased wheelbase.

The potential owner is offered to choose from three power units: two gasoline four -cylinder engines, the first volume of 2. 4 liters developing power of the order of 193 liters. With. and 245 nm of torque and second 2. 0 liter with direct fuel injection developing 267 liters. With. and 365 Nm. and finally the third 3. 3 liter V6 Developing order 216 liters. With. All three power units work in tandem with a six -speed automatic transmission and are available on the sale of both front and drive for all four wheels. As for external changes, both Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe options have a design called “Fluiidic Sculpture”, which contains all the latest Hyundai models and, in particular, the Hyunday i30 and Hyundai Elantra Coupe station wagon. The first thing that catches the eye of an updated crossover is a new radiator grille, an updated front and back optics and a more embossed hood. According to representatives of the Korean company, the 2013 model increased slightly in size, as a result of which the rear passengers had more legs space, and the luggage compartment volume increased by 159 liters. As before, the Korean crossover is available in three modifications of Comfort, Normal and Sport, the cost of which will be declared a little later.

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