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Among European countries, Italy enjoys special love among tourists. Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan – the names of these cities about a lot, so the rest in Italy becomes more and more popular for Russians. In the event that you arrived in Italy for the first time, then some tips will probably be useful to you.

Italian guardians of the law relate to tourists favorably and for the cigarette butt thrown to the ground, of course, they will not be fined, but this is still not worth doing this. But smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited – you can be fined 200 euros. In general, cigarettes here are expensive – from 4 euros per pack, so if you want to save, it is better to purchase them in Duty -Free stores.

In Rome, the infrastructure of public transport is perfectly established – the buses are more comfortable here, and if you want to save on a taxi, then be sure to use them. The disposable ticket here is calculated for 75 minutes of the trip, it can also be used to travel to the subway, but only once. It is better to buy a ticket for the whole day. It is customary to leave tips in restaurants – the size comes from your desire and capabilities, but on average it is 10 percent.

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