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Mini John Cooper Works: a new engine and gearbox

by dnews7

As it became known to the new version of Mini John Cooper Works, which will enter the market this year will be equipped with a completely new power unit, which will work together with the new one with a new six -speed automatic transmission. Foreign source reports that the new 1. 6 liter four -cylinder engine will still be equipped with turbocharging and direct fuel injection. From changes in the power plant, it is worth noting a new mount, an aluminum unit, reinforced pistons, high -strength heads, a lightweight crankshaft, as well as a new exhaust system.

In their report, representatives of the company Mini report that the new engine has become more powerful and at the same time economical.  Compared to the current fuel consumption decreased by 0. 5 liters per 100 km/route, the engine consumption is currently about 6. 9 liters per hundred. The next version after Mini John Cooper Works GP will be equipped with a new engine and a new gearbox. Power from standard 210 liters. With. and 260 nm grew to 230 liters. With. and 280 nm of the torque, so the new version of the English car will be one hundred percent more powerful than the 2013 version of the model year, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show. By the way, we want to note that if you are tired of prices for gasoline, then install gas equipment. You can find out more about this by clicking on the link

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