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New BMW M6

by dnews7

For a long time, information about the new version of the sports coup of BMW M6 of the 2013 model year has long been on the Internet and finally we have the opportunity to see official photos and find out detailed information about the Bavarian novelty. According to BMW representatives, the novelty has become more powerful thanks to the new Twin-Turbo engine V8 with a volume of 4. 4 liters that produces 560 horsepower.

The new engine is paired with a mechanical gearbox, which in pairs allow you to disperse the new BMW M6 2013 BM6 from 0 to 100 km/h/h. In just 4. 2 seconds in the body of the compartment, the convertible accelerates in 4. 3 seconds. 200 km/h coupe reaches in 12, 6 seconds, and the convertible to 200 accelerates in 13. 1 seconds. As always, the maximum speed is limited at a level of 250 km/h. True, the package from M Performance removes the limiter and then the maximum speed of the car is 305 km/h. It is worth noting that the new M6 and BMW M5 became not only more powerful, but also more economical, compared with previous versions, fuel consumption decreased by 30%, and the capacity increased by 10%. We also recall that the previous version of the M6 ​​was equipped with an V10 engine.

From the external features of the new version of the sports coupe and convertible, it is worth noting the new black matte grille of the radiator with the Mand of M, the presence of additional LED lamps, expanded thresholds betraying a more aggressive appearance. The sport version also received a new set of wheels with 19-inch alloy disks, you can also order 20-inch wheels. As adopted by each new BMW model exceeds previous models in terms of technical characteristics and external data. In our opinion, the 2013 BMW M6 can go down in history as the most stylish boomer model, which costs only a non -standard roof on the convertible model. Unfortunately, there is no information about the cost of cars, and the exact date of entering the market. Perhaps this information will be known after the presentation of cars at the Geneva Motor Show.

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