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On car in the Czech Republic

by dnews7

You have already made independent travels, for example, by car? If not, then, perhaps, you should make the first trip to the car in the Czech Republic. However, even if you have already sophisticated half of Europe on an iron horse, then visiting the Czech Republic is still worth. Local drivers will pleasantly surprise you with an emphasized by polite behavior on the road, and there are a lot of road signs in this country, so you will definitely not get lost, even if not so long and started to drive. It is also important that the cost of renting a car in this country is not too high, accordingly, even those tourists who have some money can afford such a trip. And finally, the Czech Republic is a small country, so you can go around it all relatively quickly.

So, you flew to Prague and decided to go through this fairy -tale country on a rented car, but you can’t even imagine where to start. Actually, first of all, you will need to find out in any of the information centers, of which there are a lot in Prague, the addresses of rental companies. Having received an “iron horse”, it is necessary to purchase a map or guide to the country, some of them even have illustrations, for example, castles, and descriptions of cities, as well as routes, as a rule, have several languages, in particular in Czech, English and German.

Inexpensive car can be rented for cash, while you will need to make a deposit. However, if you want to rent a more prestigious car, you must remember that for this you will need a Visa Classic (or better) card or Mastercard Standart.

Going on a trip to a car in the Czech Republic, you should know the rules of the road adopted here. For example, there should not be alcohol in the blood of drivers traveling to the highway, that is, its permissible level is zero pp. Accordingly, if you want to drink beer, then you must postpone this desire until the end of the trip.

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