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Nature lovers should visit the Ropotamo Bulgarian Reserve, along which the river of the same name flows, in some places strewn with water lilies. The reserve is known for the untouched nature, which has retained the “wild” charm. There are bizarre rock formations, against which tourists, and numerous animals, and plants resembling tropical vines, and even ancient remnants of marinas, stone furnaces and ruins of fortresses are photographed with great pleasure. The fact is that in this area, about the 19th centuries BC, people settled, from whom all these monuments remained, as well as sacrificial stones and ruins of the Paraskeva temple, so that in the reserve you can not only enjoy the beautiful nature, but and examine no less interesting ancient attractions created by people who once lived here.

The Ropotamo Reserve appeared in 1940 – it was then that the government of the country has taken these lands under guard. Such a step was taken because a large number of birds live on the reserve, which include dwarf herons, fish, amphibians and mammals, among which there are large predators. In total, 226 species of birds were noticed on these lands, while 8 of them can soon completely disappear. Note that in winter, hunting for some species of animals is allowed. About 600 species of plants grow here, and they make up about 18 percent of all Bulgarian vegetation.

It is also worth noting that the Ropotamo reserve includes several more reserved areas, much smaller, of course. So, it includes a “snake island” with a stamopulo and “Arkutino” swamp. Each of them is unique in its own way. For example, the Arkutino swamp retained the pristine, completely wild nature, which travelers can admire thanks to the planned planking platforms.

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