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The best coast of Italy

by dnews7

Italy is an amazing country capable of impressing you not only by the beauty of nature, but also by ancient monuments of history and architecture. It is also important that the Italian resort cities are famous for the magnificent service, as well as a wide selection of entertainment, in addition, various festivals and holidays often take place in Italy, bright and memorable. And of course, this country has completely special places that can be called perfectly confident, for example, the best coast of Italy, Tyrrin, which stretched from Nikothera to Pizzo – the landscapes are very beautiful and romantic, which attracts a huge number of tourists here.

Modern resort cities quickly grew up on the Tyrrin coast, and the best of them is called the city of Tropea. This city is ancient, it has preserved an old seaport with tanks in which the Hellenes still defended water. There are several versions of how the settlement appeared, for example, according to some researchers, it was founded during the Puni Wars, and Tropaa was a supporting strategic point of the Romans.

No less interesting is Mileto, in which the abbey of the centissima trinite was once located. Unfortunately, it has not been preserved to this day, since it was erased from the face of the earth during the earthquake, which occurred in 1783. The city has the State Archaeological Museum, which should definitely visit all tourists interested in the history of the settlement. Actually, the modern city was erected at a distance from the ancient settlement, but the remains of the old Mileto were preserved and are located next to the place of San Jovanni.

Having decided to relax here, on the best coast of Italy, do not hesitate – local resorts, beach, sea, landscapes and sights will impress you and leave only pleasant and vivid memories.

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