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The image of a young man begins with a hairstyle

by dnews7

You are young, smart and lucky? Or are you just going to become successful? Where to start creating an image? Of course, from the head!

The first thing the interlocutor is always looking at is well -groomed hair. Men’s hairstyle deserves no less attention than female. It often happens that the formation of an image of a person who is lucky in everything begins with the head. You can be sure of yourself only when you are in perfect order: a suit from a needle, there are a lot of smart thoughts in your head, and a good haircut is on your head.

What are fashionable male hairstyles now? What do young people wear? Of course, male youth hairstyles begin with a decent salon, a good master and an excellent haircut.

Short hair.

No less care than long, short male hairstyles require. Moreover, this summer they are in fashion. A classic hairstyle, implying short -cut hair, is attractive, and creates an image of a business person. And girls like it as a sign of masculinity. Gently and smoothly combed hair draw the image of a positive hero, and a disheveled hedgehog from the same short hair and a little gel-the style of scores and “shirts-punny”, also attractive to women (but to create a career the other way around). By the way, today the fashionable are men’s hairstyles with thick and short hair, you need to comb your own side or removed back.

Medium length hair.

Hair covering the ears is medium -sized male hairstyles. They sometimes even look more advantageous than short hair, because there are many options for laying it, and if you wish, you can create an image of both a business person and an incorrigible mischievous, such as a fashionable pop singer, behind the crowds of girls.

A scythe is very modern in the 2010 season, a sampling of smoothly combed hair, hinting at respectability and well -being. Caught the same hair back somewhat changes in the style, but it does not become less attractive.

Some hair with a gel applied and slightly disheveled with a hand-this is just the type of mischievous from pop group or rocker.

Long hair.

Statistics indicate that a man with long hair most often uses female favor. Probably because any girl dreams of a prince on a white horse, and romantic princes all with long hair. Long men’s hairstyles require several times more careful hair care. But usually they are worn by guys who count on their irresistibility in front of the female sex and try to take care of themselves. Only the tail should not be worn – it just destroys the image of romance.

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