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Tuning Ferrari 599 Vorsteiner masters

by dnews7

The Italian sports car Ferrari 599 is without a doubt a beautiful and fast car, but this did not stop specialists from tuning atelier Vorsteiner. American tuners decided to give Ferrari a more individual appearance and make it a little faster due to the installation of a new lighter body boat and modernize the power unit.

Note that the new sets of the front and rear bumper, the side skirts and the new completely carbon hood are 70% easier than standard details. Experts decided to do the work in two colors, for the main one was chosen and the roof, side mirrors and new alloy wheels were also painted in black matte color. Specialists from the American tuning studio Vorsteiner offer an individual interior design setting, so the exact cost of the full tuning of the kit is not reported. Since we are talking about the Ferrari brand, I would like to remind you that the company plans to release the updated Ferrari Enzo with a new more powerful engine by the end of this year.

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