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10 seats that should be visited in Italy

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To Italy, from time immemorial, rode for inspiration. In Italy, the spirit of creativity is hovering. Many great poets, artists, great architects, lived in Italy, did in Italy. And not sacred. Almost every corner of this, causing admiration and delight, country is a museum relic.

Let’s visit the ten most important and unusual places that are symbols of a free, amazing country.

First of all, this is Rome. No wonder about 10 million tourists come to Rome from all over the world. There are so many attractions in Rome that you can come here again, and again discover this wonderful city for yourself.

So, let’s start our journey.

Let’s look at the Colosseum. In ancient times, this gigantic arena contained up to 50 thousand requiring bread and spectacles, spectators. In this famous arena, grandiose battles were fought between gladiators and wild animals. Here in the Coliseum, theatrical performances were held. In addition to the Coliseum, tourists visit the nearby Hill Palatine. From the mouth to the mouth, the legend is transmitted that on this hill the she -wolf fed Ram and Romulus. You can go to Fori Imperiali Street. From the height of this street you can see the territory of the imperial forums and hill.

Pantheon. Truly brilliant structure is a “temple of gods”. To the present day, Pantheon has reached its original form, although the date of its construction can be considered 27 years BC. e. The author of this masterpiece is Mark Vipsaniy Agrippa. Pantheon was dedicated to the seven heavenly gods. The idea of ​​Emperor Octavian Augustus is a man in the center of the universe and the inviolability of the empire. A giant dome was built (about 45m with a diameter). At the top, with a diameter of 9m, open space. In addition, the holes, “windows to heaven”, there are no other light sources in the pantheon. This is a grandiose building – unique in essence. Even Michelangelo, considered Pantheon a creation not human, but the work of the hands of angels.

Venice. If you do not visit Venice, you will lose a lot. This unique city is located on hundreds of small islands connected by bridges. Instead of the roadway of the streets – beautifully designed channels. On them, water taxis – tacks – taccenes. And they are managed by gondoliers. In the heart of Venice, there is a magnificent temple of San Marco. One of the main attractions of Venice is countless pigeons. They are not at all afraid of tourists. On the Square of St. Mark is the Torre Del Orolojo Tower. She is famous for the fact that she has a unique clock.

And another attraction, without which Venice cannot be imagined. This is the famous Venetian carnival. The first carnival took place in the 13th century. Began before the great post. Along the streets of Venice, costume processions passed. The main attributes of the carnival were all kinds of masks and incredibly beautiful costumes.

Milan. Theater “La Scala”. And now, let’s go to Milan, and visit the Milan Opera Theater “La Scala”. Once on the place where the theater building is now rising, there was a church “Santa Maria Skal”. When they cleared the site for the construction of the theater building, they discovered a marble plate on which Mim of Ancient Rome was drawn – Pilad. It was a good sign. Created a building in the style of neoclassicism, architect J. Permanini. In the theater – excellent acoustics. Therefore, many opera singers seek it. Young artists consider it an honor, at least one season, to work in this unique theater.

Pisa. Now, go to Pisa. To see the famous Pisan Tower of the Falling Pisa Tower, you need to get to the area where the Pizan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Baptisteria and the Pisa Tower are located. The uniqueness of the tower is that it makes the impression of the fall of the building, as it is tilted to the side. Every year, the tower deviates by 1 mm. The Pizan Tower is the bell tower of the Catholic temple Camppo Dei Miracoli.

Florence. As soon as you arrive in Florence, be sure to visit the grandiose Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fjore. In the building, a large number of frescoes with the image of the life of saints and statues. The uniqueness of the cathedral is that there are watches with arrows going back.

In Florence is the Gallery of the Academy, in which there are works of the brilliant Michelangelo. The statue of David is also installed there.

Another gallery that deserves attention is the Uffizi Gallery. This gallery contains works of great artists Titian, Rubens, Raphael and many others with a genius of painting and sculpture.

Verona. Another city in Italy, about which the whole world knows. And he became famous, thanks to the brilliant Shakespeare and his tragedy about the great power of love “Romeo and Juliet”. Another monument is erected in Verona. This is a statue of the great ingenious poet Dante Aligieri. Who has not read the famous “Divine Comedy”?

Italy is a city in which they fall in love and come there again and again. For inspiration, for positive emotions and in order to know the work of brilliant masters.

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