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A trip to Italy – briefly about the main

by dnews7

Italy cannot be called an unpopular country. Tourists visit Italy at any time. And there are reasons for this – the sea, excursions, sights, nature and much more. High prices do not scare away tourists. As a special service, thermal resorts can be called, but their price cannot be called low.

Italy can be mentally divided into three parts: northern, southern and central. It is best to look into the cities: Florence, Naples, Milan, Venice. And do not forget about beautiful beaches and alpine resorts.

Customs will not allow you to import a lot of tobacco and alcohol drinks. However, with the import and export of the currency there will be no problems. Up to 10,000 euros – free, after – with the permission of customs. The Tax Free system is not common, there are few shops with it, and purchases need to be made for as much as 151 euros.

There is one feature with phones in Italy. The familiar short beeps for us indicate that the line is free, no matter how strange it is for us. Telephone operators speak different languages, including Russian and English.

For free movement, it is recommended to buy a tourist ticket for a day for 3-5 euros. Weekly will cost you 12 euros.

It is interesting to travel a lot, visit new cities, streets. But it is difficult to leave the usual comfort. Therefore, having arrived in another city, we primarily think about the night. The hotel is expensive, so the best option would be to rent a room for a day, you should learn more about this.

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