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Nissan GT-R can become a hybrid

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The Motor Trend publication tells us that Nissan is developing a new generation of GT-R sports car. The current version of the model should hold out on the conveyor according to some sources until 2015. And according to other sources, even until 2017. And then a brand new sports car, which is already the fifth version of this model, will replace her.

Of course, there is no extensive information on this issue in the media yet.

Moreover, the director of Nissan, Carlos Gon only recently allowed to start developing a new model. But some conclusions about the new Nissan GT-R car can be made now. Firstly, quite strong changes in the appearance and design of the new car are planned, but standard proportions should be preserved.

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The emergence of a new, more perfect, aerodynamic body kit and a decrease in road clearance is also expected, it is also very likely the appearance of a completely new optics. A power plant, which is the “heart” of any sports car, is a much more interesting subject for discussion.

The Japanese company Nissan considers two possible options for converting this installation. The first version says that the new car will become a hybrid. Its system will consist of a 3, 7 liter and electric motor, the estimated power of which is 600 liters of a gasoline engine. With.

According to another, no less interesting version, the company’s specialists consider the possible modernization of the engine of the acting model, which is supposed to receive start-stop systems and deactivation of cylinders.

This option is good for ecology, as it allows you to reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere. But since this decision provides for less radical changes, Nissan specialists are preferable and more interesting will be the first option.

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