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Active vacation in the Alta Pustor Valley

by dnews7

Alta Pustoria is the northern Italian valley stretching along the border with Austria. Prices for ski resorts in this area are much lower than in central dolomites. At the same time, there are much less vacationers here.

The ski season in the Alta Pustrheus starts in November. The area includes 5 villages: Villa Bass, Dobbiako, Dolomiti Di Setra, Bryes and San Candido. They are united into the ski zones Rotwand, Helm, Val Comelico and Haunold. All villages are connected by a ring ski route Giro delle Cime.

Despite the fact that Alta Pustoria has 50 kilometers of tracks, experienced skiers are very difficult to meet here. The area is perfect for active family holidays with children, walking in the fresh air and traditional winter entertainment – skiing on sled and skates. Rotwand village has routes for Rodelban and Toggoban.

It is worth noting that the Helm zone has several “red” and “black” tracks. The rest of the descents are “green” and is wonderful for beginner skiers. In the Helm zone there is also a small snow park called The Croci.

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