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Amalfitan Riviera

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There are many beautiful and very beautiful places in the world, having visited which, I absolutely do not want to go back, and this includes the Amalfitan coast, where you will find cozy resort cities. The Amalfitan Riviera is known for the beautiful landscapes and the ancient history of local cities, so that you will find not only magnificent beaches with amazing nature, but also ancient architectural and historical monuments.

The most famous resort is Amalfi, which was founded in the IV century. You will be happy to diversify the beach vacation in this resort city with the inspection of local attractions, which include the Cathedral of St. Andrew – they say that it is here that the relics of Andrei the First -Called. The cathedral itself was erected in the Norman-Byzantine style, which is a rather rare. By the way, if you get tired of walking along the city streets and not at a stern on the beach, then you can go on a short trip on a yacht-these places are great for yachting, which is why even a yacht regatta is performed here.

Another excellent resort is positano, and it is ranked for the best not only on this coast, but throughout Italy. Due to the fact that it is located in an amazingly beautiful place, in the 19th century artists and other creative personalities began to come to this city, in particular, the famous Picasso has been here more than once.

It is interesting that the city itself is built on a mountain slope, so you should be prepared for endless stairs leading to the streets located above along the slope. Within the settlement, old patrol towers were preserved, the main task of which was to protect the inhabitants from the pirates. If desired, you can get to many other resort cities, no less interesting. The Amalfitan Riviera is generally conveniently located, so that every tourist has the opportunity to go to one of the many excursions, for example, to Rome or to the Vulcan Vsuvius.

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