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Another BMW M3 tuning from Att-Tec

by dnews7

Our automobile portal has repeatedly written about the modified version of the new BMW M3 model year, this time the line has reached the little-known German company ATT-TEC. Specialists wrapped the body of a sports car at the moment with a popular black matte film, after which the M3 received a very evil look. But the main change lies under the hood, the pumped engine steel completely parted up.

The German sports Rogster BMW M3 received a G-Power set worth 11,430 euros, including software as a result of which the power of the standard motor was increased from 411 horsepower to 520 horsepower. It is also worth noting the presence of a new exhaust system made of stainless steel, the cost of which is about 1455 euros, not taking into account the cost of installation work. In addition to a matte film, the car received a new set of wheels with 20-inch alloy disks, also black, the cost of the kit will cost a potential owner of 7150 euros. The potential owner can also order additional equipment and body kit, the cost of new parts will cost more than 26,600 euros, excluding the cost of BMW M3.

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