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Brief excursion into art

by dnews7

Turkey Ottoman music and the court literature of Turkey were religious and sounded sadly, and in some cases, and pompous for Western man.

Fine art was limited to the framework and requirements of Islam, which forbade images of immortal creatures, in view of which, even of particularly talented Muslims, there was no interest in this type of art.

Turkish museums are characterized by an abundance of exquisite colored tiles, graceful floor vases made of glass, decorated with carvings of mosques, sparkling folios of the Quran, intricate jewelry and luxurious costumes.

Ataturk turned the Turkish culture in a matter of seconds, opening up opportunities for the prosperity of painting, literature, sculpture, dance, drama and Western music. The alphabet introduced on Latin, the newly and founded on Latin, was the reason for increasing literacy among the ordinary population of Turkey.

In the same period, Ottoman prose began to allow the use of the national language. Such Turkish writers as Nazim Hikmet, Orhan Pamuk and Yashar Kemal became famous not only in Turkey, but also abroad.

Folklore music, despite some changes, still remained energetic. Turkish music, which often sounds on the radio, is traditional folk music. However, today there is its city variety.

Television practically destroyed a millennium musical tradition, the founders of which were Turkish troubadours, however, their songs are still popular and often broadcast.

The country’s cinema also has a rather long history. Its development of its particularly rapid development was observed in the twenties of the last century, as well as after the Second World War.

Turkish cinema is distinguished by honesty, dry humor and naturalism. The most popular Turkish directors are Omer Kavur, Zyulf, Tunch, Ilmaz Guni and Basaran.

As for the Turkish language, he, despite his simplicity, is significantly different from his Indo -European counterparts. The special difficulty in studying is the rules of the order of words, the formation of verb forms and their longitude.

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