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Vinaigrette with canned meat

by dnews7

The composition of the vinaigrette with canned meat:

One can of stew (340 g of stew)

6 medium -sized potatoes

3 salty cucumbers

one boiled medium -sized beets

100 grams of green onions

2 eggs

Half a glass of mayonnaise

1 teaspoon of mustard

1 tablespoon of acetic solution



Clean the peel from potatoes (you must first cook it) and from cucumbers. We cut both one and the other. We act with the meat in the same way, that is, cut into small pieces. Grind green onions.

Cooking vinaigrette with canned meat.

We fill the crushed products into one container, sprinkle with salt, pepper add mustard. Scatter green onions evenly on a bowl. To make the vinaigrette ready, add mayonnaise to it (to your taste). We pour the vinaigrette into a plate so that a horror is formed. We are trying to “hide” the slide of the vinaigrette under the neatly chopped slices of beets. If desired, you can add cooked hard eggs to beets (after cutting them in half). We complet the picture with finely chopped dill, which we abundantly scatter on the surface of the hill. Vinaigrette with canned meat is ready!

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