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Audi P8 is faster and easier

by dnews7

The new Audi R8 2014, according to the statements of representatives of the company, will combine the most advanced technologies that the company has managed to achieve over the past few years. The leaders of the Audi concern do not give the moment the merits of such brands as Ferrari and Lamborghini, which are considered the best supercars in the world. And in order to make an already magnificent Audi R8 sports car, it was even faster to reduce the weight of the car.

The weight of the updated Audi R8 2014 will be a little less than 1,500 kg, such indicators were achieved through the use of an aluminum structure. Under the hood of the German sports car will be atmospheric 4. 2 liter engine V8 or 5. 2 liter V10. The first develops about 450 liters. With. second about 550 l. With. The company’s engineers completely abandoned the installation of a turbocharged on a new model. It also became known that there would be a more powerful modification with an V10 engine of 5. 2 liters that develops 580 liters. With. This model will compete with cars such as Ferrari 458 Scuderia and the new Porsche 911 GT3. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the new Audi R8 2014 model year, but in terms of reports the appearance of the novelty will be similar to the electrical version of E-Tron.

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