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The capital of Greece

by dnews7

Greece is a very ancient country in which buildings and statues have been preserved, which saw a completely different era, the era of the ancient world. The capital of Greece has long attracted a lot of attention to many and many people, and now a lot of tourists who want to touch history and see monumental structures come to this city, many of whom, despite the fact that there are no longer the first millennium, have preserved their beauty and majesty. Modern Athens, the final one, is not the same that were several thousand years ago – now crowds of tourists are wandering through the streets of cities, and local residents are constantly driving on roads on cars. Modern buildings are everywhere – only a closer look, you can consider the islands of antiquity.

At first glance, it may seem that the very city that the playwrights sang was nothing left, but your opinion about Athens will still change after you get to the main city attraction-Acropolis. It is here that you can fully feel an echo of history, since there is a silence that is not in the city itself, with an indescribable atmosphere. Here is the temple of Athena herself, in whose honor the city was named – Parfenon. It is this temple that is the most important pride of the capital of Greece, it can be seen almost from everywhere.

Likabetus is not very far from the acropolis – a hill towering above the acropolis and having a bell -shaped shape. Every tourist who has come to Athens must just visit this hill, because it opens up an amazing view of the whole city – from here you can see everything!

And of course, being here, you need to try the local cuisine, for which it is best to go to one of the old taverns, which have a signs half -dark from time. It is believed that it is such a sign who speaks of the quality of the establishment. Usually in such taverns visitors are immediately served with incredibly aromatic bread. By the way, Greek coffee must be included in the correct meal, which is served almost by the throat – literally on the bottom, while it always put a large glass of cold water to it.

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