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Audi S6 station wagon from ABT Sportsline

by dnews7

Our automobile portal has already talked about Volkswagen Beetle tuning, Volkswagen T5, Audi S5 and Volkswagen UP hatchback specialists ABT Sportsline. This time, the masters took up the revision of the new Audi S6 in the station wagon, if before the work of specialists came down to a change in appearance, then this time the masters went further and looked under the hood. After the work done, the V6 gasoline engine became able to develop about 420 liters. With. and 398 nm torque.

At that time diesel 3. 0 liter power unit has become able to develop about 360 horsepower and 700 nm of torque, recall that the serial version is capable of 300 liters. With. and 440 nm torque. Well, what tuning does without modernization of appearance, experts from ABT Sportsline have developed a special body boot for a German sports station wagon, which consists of a new front bumper and a more massive radiator lattice, a new rear bumper with built-in exhaust systems, as well as side skirts, as well as side skirts and wide wheel arches. On Menu, the old wheels came a set with new 19-inch discs, if you wish, you can order 21-inch wheels for an additional fee. So far, unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the cost of the finalization package from ABT Sportsline.

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