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Beautiful Sedan Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition

by dnews7

At the Beijing Auto Show, the English company will present one of the most beautiful premium sedans called Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition. This novelty can be considered one of the most anticipated models of all that will be presented at the auto show. Not many will be able to become the happy owners of the Jaguar XJ car, not many will be able to be produced in the first car, and secondly, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition will start from the mark of $ 175,000.

Many will probably ask how the novelty differs from the standard model. that its cost increased several times. According to representatives of Ultimate Edition, it is equipped with new rear seats, a table and a refrigerator for champagne, iPad appeared in the backs of the front seats with the possibility of access to the Internet, and in the headrests of the LCDs with the possibility of watching a video. In China, large luxurious sedans are a symbol of wealth and success, the owner of this car will never sit behind the wheel, so the Jaguar company tried to modify the back of the car in order for its owner to enjoy the trip. More details about Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition will be known after the official presentation of a luxurious sedan at the Beijing Auto Show.

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