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The attractions of the Faselis

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Faselis is considered one of the most ancient cities of the Libyan people, the date of the foundation of which dates back to the fifth century BC.

In view of the fact that in different eras, Faselis was in the power of various empires and states, the city has collected the features of all cultures and peoples, and also provides the opportunity to trace and see the history of the foundations and fall of the most ancient civilizations.

The city is located near Kemer, a resort on a picturesque island at the foot of Mount Olympos, which was described by Homer in its famous Iliad. The patroness of Faselis was Athena, whose ruins have survived in the city to this day. It was in this temple, according to legend, a spear of Achilles was stored.

The next important place of worship of the ancient residents of Faselis was the temple of Hermes, the god of trade. The popularity of the temple is not accidental, since already in ancient times, Faselis was a lively trading city in which the best aromatic oils and perfume were made.

In ancient times, the city was considered the largest settlement of Turkey and had three harbors – eastern, southern and middle.

Near the northern port of the city is the famous necropolis, which contains many ancient burials. According to one of the legends, it was here that commander Alexander Macedonian was buried.

The remnants of an ancient aqueduct, according to which water was delivered to the upper part of the city, was also quite good.

In the aforementioned part of Faselis, the ruins of this reservoir are preserved, which is a reservoir underground. The mystery of the construction of the reservoir has not yet been unraveled by scientists. One thing is obvious: the reservoir was under the strict security, as evidenced by the strengthening to this day.

In view of the fact that the southern port performed the military functions of the city, there was a powerful fortress, the remnants of which were preserved on a high cliff. The sentinel tower of the fortress is unique.

The city of Faselis is divided by wide Pained Avenue, the width of which is about twenty meters. In the western part of Faselis, you should visit the gates of Ariadne. An amazing place is the antique amphitheater, from the upper point of which the beautiful panorama opens to the city and its three harbors.

The city is located in a pine forest, from each point of which the blue sea can be seen through the branches. An indelible impression is made by the remnants of ancient civilizations that are hidden in tropical vegetation.

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