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Bentley Exp 9f luxurious SUV

by dnews7

British premium car manufacturer – Bentley on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show 2012 published photos and information about the long -awaited model of a luxurious SUV called Bentley Exp 9f. If earlier there were rumors that the company intends to check the reaction to the emergence of a car in a new class for itself, and only after that to make a decision about whether to release a car into serial production or not. Then now we can say with full confidence that the new crossover will appear on sale over the next few years.

Bentlei SUV will be the third model in a row with Mulsanne 2013 and Continental compartment and convertible, which the company will present to the car show. As for the technical characteristics of a luxurious SUV, Bentley EXP 9F is equipped with a 6-turban V12 engine volume of 6. 0 liters with a capacity of 610 liters. With. and 800 nm of torque and eight -speed automatic transmission. So far, unfortunately, information about maximum speed and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h does not report. The company has recently released a new 4. 0 liter V8 engine, which will also be installed on EXP 9F and rumors that a hybrid version of the SUV will also appear also.

Do not forget that Bentley positions EXP 9F, as the world’s first luxurious SUV, so the car has a luxurious interior using materials such as – wood wood, veneer, genuine leather, polished metal, aluminum and bronze. Light brown and white upholstery of the cabin, along with a hatch in the roof, make the salon light and visually spacious. The vehicle’s trunk is equipped with a refrigerator, so that if desired, the owner will always be able to arrange a small picnic.

Bentley SUV cost approximately 200. 000 US dollars, which exceeds the cost of top versions of Range Rover and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, T. To. the car will be considered higher in the class. Recall that the novelty is awaiting powerful competition in the person of an SUV from Maserati Kubang and Lamborghini SUV, which will also be presented at a car dealership in Geneva.

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