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Black BMW M5 from 3D Design

by dnews7

Once again, our automobile portal talks about BMW M5 tuning, this time specialists from the 3D Design tuning studio decided to demonstrate their skills in modernization. According to officially, the German modernized car will be presented to the public on the car Tuning Show, which will be held in Japan next week. Of the modifications, it is worth noting new body-kit, modernization of the passenger compartment and refinement associated with technical improvements.

If we talk in more detail about external changes, then the tuned BMW M5 from 3D Design received a new body kit consisting of the front and rear bumper, side skirts and a new spoiler made of carbon fiber. The body, in other things, like the new alloy wheels, it was decided to repaint in black lacquer. The brake system was replaced by a new sports with large blue brake calipers, in addition, the car received a new exhaust system with four pipe. In general, the entire modernized version of the BMW F10 shows that this is really a premium sports sedan. Even from technical improvements, it is worth noting the work done on the power unit and the installation of a new suspension, which lowered the body to the ground as low as possible. Unfortunately, the cost of tuning package for the BMW M5 is not yet known, by the way it also advises to read about the most powerful version of the BMW M5, about which we talked in one of the previous articles.

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