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Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Perfetto from Wheelsandmore

by dnews7

Wheelsandmore pleases us with another work, in the last article we talked about Lamborghini Aventador tuning in chocolate color. This time, German experts released a package of improvement for the Italian supercar Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, which consists of new parts of the body made of carbon fiber. Also, a modernization of the engine, brake and exhaust system, as well as a new interior design, included in the improvement package.

Standard wheels were replaced by new, with new 21-inch discs of 6sporz, the body of the body, having red strokes, as well as red brake calipers painted in the color. As for the design of the salon, a large amount of carbon fiber was used in its construction. The seats and the rest of the soft details were covered with dark skin with a red stitch. In terms of increased power, we note that after the installation of new parts, experts managed to increase it to 647 horsepower and 635 nm of torque. The cost of a full tuning package will be named later, and now we offer to read about the tuning of Ferrari 599 Vorsteiner masters.

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