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BMW M3 2013 Model

by dnews7

Bavarian BMW Automobile Company announced the release of the updated BMW 3-Series model 2013 model year. The novelty received an updated appearance and new engine line. The appearance of the 3-series is made in the same style with the premium grade sedan BMW 7-Series.

An updated model with the code name F30 will be on sale in the first quarter of 2012. BMW 3-series will be available in five body variants: a standard four-door sedan will appear in March 2012, a station wagon in September, a compartment in September 2013, a convertible in the third quarter of 3013. As for the technical characteristics, the car will be available with four engines of which the power of which is from 136 horsepower (motor volume 1, 6) to 252 liters. With. (Motor volume 2. 0 liter). Diesel power units with a volume of 1, 6 liters (with a capacity of 150) to turbocharged 2. 0 liter (245 l. With.). Also soon, versions with the V6 engine should appear. As for the sports version of the BMW with the M3 index, the car will be equipped with 3. 0 liter motor, the power of which is 450 horsepower forces. The cost of the Bavarian car of the 2013 model year starts from a mark of 1,400,000 rubles.

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