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BMW 5-Series Touring Wagon

by dnews7

Bavarian BMW auto company has officially announced the release of the new 5-Series Touring Wagon 2011 model year. Bavarians get a market for switching from SUVs to cars in the SVENSTAL SUV, Acura with its TSX model also received the same.

BMW 5-Series Touring Wagon is carried out with a unique opening of the rear window of the hatch, customizable suspension, and roof rails. The rear space is divided in the ratio of 40/20/40. The volume of UBMW 5-Series Touring Wagon is about 350 liters. German station wagon is available in four modifications: 520d (184 liters. With. 2. 0 liter diesel), 530d (245 l. With. 3. 0 liter diesel), 523i (204 l. With. 3. 0 liter gasoline) and 535i (306 l. With. 3. 0 liter turbo diesel). To save fuel BMW 5-Series Touring Wagon is equipped with a start/feet function and many more useful additions to significantly save fuel. The cost of BMW 5 series of the station wagon starts from a mark of 2,400,000 rubles for modification with 306 strong gasoline engine.

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