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Bone broth (0, 3 l)

by dnews7


100 grams of food bones

5 grams of carrots

5 grams of onions

20 grams of greenery (10 grams of parsley and 10 grams of celery)

400 milliliters of water

half a teaspoon of salt


Preparation of food bones is that you need to rinse and cut them well (so that it is better to be). Be sure to remove the bone marrow (we still need it, so we don’t throw it away), then put in a frying pan and fry (no fat or oil). Grind bone marrow, onions, carrots and greens (parsley and celery).


Put the fried bones in a pan with water, cover with a lid (tightly) and wait until it boils (the larger the flame, the faster it boils). As soon as the broth boils, the fire needs to be reduced so that the broth does not fly out of the pan. Remove the foam (periodically repeat this procedure) and cook. Just watch that the boil was calm. During cooking, fat will float to the surface of the broth, which must be removed (not all) and put in a pan. Add chopped bone marrow, carrots and onions to fat. We pass vegetables.

After one and a half to two hours of cooking broth, we throw greens and saved vegetables into the pan. After another half an hour, add salt to the broth (as much as you will). After adding the salt, cook another half hour and turn off. The broth is ready! Pour into cups!

Bon appetit!

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