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Crimea Alupka, her beaches and attractions

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Alupka is a small resort city located on the southern coast of Crimea right at the foot of the Ai-Petri Mountain, which is an indispensable talisman of the Crimean peninsula.

Despite the fact that Alupka is far from as great as Yalta, picturesque mountain and sea landscapes make this resort special. The noble lines of the mountains, the unpredictable zigzags of the sea coast, malachite forest thickets, a clear bright sky and clean sea air – this is what will make you fall in love with Alupka literally from the first minute. You will not regret that this city has chosen to conduct recreation.

Alupka is primarily numerous beaches that stretched for several kilometers along the coast of the Black Sea. This is the sandy beaches of the azure shore, where it is nice to stretch under the scorching sun, and city small -knit beaches, where, walking, you feel fresh sea air. The Beach “Children’s Bathers”, created by nature itself in an amazing bay with small pebbles, beckons tourists with transparent mesterous water. Alupka will appeal not only to adults, but also to children who love to frolic in the water.

Holding a vacation in an alupka, you will enjoy magnificent natural beauties daily. Just imagine this: frisky and warm waves lick sunny sand or dark pebbles. The mountains seem to stretch up, trying to at least get a peak to a clear bright sky. Brack sides with delicate and fragrant vineyards grow old heavy pine trees. Narrow city streets flow into mountain paths. Along them at different levels are houses and buildings.

However, Alupka is not only natural beauties, here you can find a large number of historical and cultural monuments. Excursions held at the resort will primarily lead you to the Vorontsov Palace, which is the architectural monument 19V., made in the style of the era of romanticism, but based on a mountain landscape. It is because of such an unusual combination that the palace is insanely beautiful and fits perfectly into the landscape surrounding it. Along with the palace, you will surely attract the Aluplinsky park, in which, in addition to the unusual flora, you can find ice mountain keys.

Currently, Alupka is a wonderful resort that combines all the conditions for a full beach holiday along with a huge number of history and cultural monuments.

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