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Cars that look like shoes

by dnews7

There is currently a car fashion and the most interesting thing is that explaining this mystery is quite simple. A new current in restyling has appeared now, where quite earthly miracles are taking place. Most often you have to observe how cars are stylized under the boot.

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Considering in more detail this automobile subculture, we can understand that this is a kind of advertising on wheels. For example, the Chinese company that produces shoes presented its production with a huge boot, which travels around the city. The designer worked on this car for more than a year, and at the same time 6,550 dollars were spent. But now anyone can easily ride a given car in the form of a boot at a speed that does not exceed 32 km/h.

The most interesting thing is that today the Chinese company is not the only one that resorts to such an advertising action. For example, the largest manufacturer of the sneakers of Reebok, also represents its product with mobile advertising. At the same time, both male and women’s sports shoes are presented.

The well -known “McDonald’s” also decided to attract public attention with mobile shoes. How everyone has already guessed this red-yellow clown boot of Clown Ronald McDonald.

All would be anything if ladies’ shoes would not travel along the roads. At the same time looking at this creation, thoughts involuntarily confused, without lining with common sense.

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