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Chernomorye and Livadia

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Livadia is one of the most beautiful and popular resorts on the entire Crimean coast. This village is located only 3 km from Yalta and is a fairly interesting and picturesque corner. The location itself makes this resort unique – on the one hand, the village is hidden behind the mountain massif, which creates a special soft climate there.

Interest in Livadia not only does not decrease, but even increases every year. Both free people and entire families are happy to come here. Such interest of people with different tastes and preferences is explained by the fact that Livadia itself is provided for people who want to relax in silence, but the close location of Yalta makes this resort a budget alternative to a noisy neighbor. Those who dream of relaxation and getting rid of stress spend their days, walking in the parks and the Livadia Palace. The same tourists who came for outdoor activities can find echoes of Yalta fun in Livadia.

Livadia is a fairly developed tourist village, and everyone will feel comfortable here. There is everything that is so necessary for a good rest: a lot of well -groomed beaches, a clean and warm sea, cafes, restaurants, shops and much more.

If you want to examine the sights of Livadia, then be sure to visit the famous Livadian Palace. This architectural monument of the XIX -XX centuries. amazes with its beauty and grace, and a clean and fresh park adjacent to it leaves the most pleasant impression. Once this palace was the residence of Russian emperors. In addition, the Yalta Conference was held here. The royal path stretches from the palace, which received its name due to the fact that the royal family loved to walk along it. It is believed that the Livadian Palace competes with Vorontsovsky for the title of the most luxurious residence on the peninsula. In addition to the palace, be sure to look at the Livadia organ, enjoy the Divine sound of this instrument.

If you want to entertain yourself and your family, you can go to concerts, which are held in large numbers in Livadia and Yalta annually. For lovers of nightlife, it seems the opportunity to look into bars and nightclubs, go to restaurants where they give any kitchen to your choice.

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