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In the nineteenth century, the Valley Valley attracted the attention of numerous climbers, but the impetus for the development of tourism in this region gave the construction of the suspension road between the Mason and Breu plan. And after ski lifts, a worm, a small town in the heart of the valley, became the most beloved resort of Italians and guests of the country in the mid -fifties. A great location, a height of 2050 meters above sea level, allowed the worm to make a longer season of ski skiing than in most resorts in Italy. Here the season opens in October and ends only in the month of May. Many picturesque places in the vicinity of the worm have become its hallmark, which is considered by their responsibility even those who come here to ride well -organized slopes. This is Lake Blue, which in its transparent and purely water reflects majestic mountain and small towns that retained its medieval architecture, and the ruins of the buildings and structures of the ancient Roman Empire. Tracks in worm 54, and two dozen lifts leads to them. The total length of all of them is 135 kilometers and the longest highway is seven kilometers. The upper point of skiing in the worm is 3489 meters above sea level. There are many sports competitions in the Chervinia, including the world level, for example, some stages of the World Cup, and the famous L-Etual disco, which opened in 1972 at an altitude of 2100 meters, is considered the highestors in the country, and among its permanent visitors it is possible call Nelson Pic, Alberto Tomba, Prince of Belgium Philip and Prince Monaco Albert.

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