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Eggs with tomatoes and cheese

by dnews7

I’m starting to conduct a heading “Learning to cook!”-for beginner housewives. According to these recipes, you can learn to cook your daughters. Although, in our modern society and more adult ladies do not know how to cook at all, but this is not a reason for anxiety. Well? We begin to learn to cook from the lightest dishes, to complex.

Dear hostesses, fried eggs are prepared very easily, but do not get carried away with daily cooking eggs, otherwise any man will run away from you 🙂 Although the eggs in the form of a heart, will greatly delight your man in the morning, after a stormy night. How to cook a very tasty scrambled egg?  After my recipe, this question will not torment you anymore. Cooking?


40 g of vegetable oil;

30-40 g of onions;

4 tomatoes;

5 eggs;


20 g of cheese.


In vegetable oil, reserve (fry) chopped onions;

Warm chopped tomatoes with small slices;

Pour eggs, sprinkle with grated cheese and pepper;

Bring to readiness, monitor not burned out and you can turn the ovary to the other side.

Tip: In my photo, scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes, if you want to be original, then decorate your scrambled eggs.

Bon appetit!

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