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We are going to Bulgaria in Elenite

by dnews7

E hair is a small resort village of Bulgaria, located at the foot of Mountain Stro Planina.  The village is located a few kilometers from the popular resort of the Sunny Coast, which is undoubtedly a plus for tourists.

Elyenite will give his guests a calm and comfortable rest on a beautiful beach near the azure sea under a gentle warm sun among coniferous forests that abound in the resort. Once many deer lived in these forests, hence the name of the village.

On the sandy beach of the resort are villas and hotels. There are various entertainments. Pools, beach volleyball sites, tennis courts. There is also an equestrian sports base and a yacht club for lovers to relax at sea.

In Elenite, you can visit cozy restaurants, who have flooded the village in many. In them you will take European cuisine and national dishes. Numerous bars will provide their services, both daytime and night, taverns and wine cellars.

The resort has its own attractions. This is mainly churches. The Church of St. Paraskeva, Pantocrator and the Virgin are touched. And many temples.

You can also visit the Rilia Monastery and the Archaeological Museum.

And if you want to find more active classes, then visit the local water park. Its attractions will delight both children and adults.

The resort stores mainly work until seven o’clock in the evening, but there are round -the -clock. If you do not find something in the village, you can easily go to Nesoebr, the oldest and picturesque city of the country, which is very close to Elenite. This town is sipped by shops in which you can find any souvenirs in memory of the vacation. For example, pink oil, perfumes from rose valley, rugs, icons and silver products. These are the most popular souvenirs among tourists. You can also purchase high -quality leather products from local masters at a low price.

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