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Features of residence in Turkey

by dnews7

Below are some features of fabulous Turkey, knowing which before traveling to the country, you can greatly facilitate your stay in it.

In most modern hotels, light and electrical appliances will not be included until a rectangular keychain on the keys from the room will be inserted into a special section that is located on the front door of the hotel room.

In Turkey, it is customary to give the waiters tips. Their size, as a rule, is from five to fifteen percent of the total amount. In a taxi taxi, tips are not provided.

Do not drink water from under the water tap. For such purposes, it is reasonable to purchase water in bottles sold in any stores.

In the first days of being in Turkey, it is worth limiting the choice of sharp and exotic dishes.

Before entering a private house, it is necessary to remove the shoes and leave it at the threshold.

The use of even low -alcohol drinks on the street will cause disapproval among local residents.

Power points in the country are divided into taverns in which you can order hot dishes such as thick soup throughout the day, and restaurants in which there are no soups, no vegetable dishes, but a hot one is served. It is not customary to offer the menu, however, each visitor can go to the kitchen and choose a dish he likes. As for resort zones, recently, visitors are still offered to the menu.

Turkey is rich in souvenirs, silver and gold jewelry, copper and onyx products.

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