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Feihoa useful properties

by dnews7

Many exotic fruits have long taken root in our markets and stores of stores, but not everyone knows such a fruit as Feijoa. In addition to the fact that Feihoa has useful properties, it also smells nice and no less pleasant to taste. To completely enjoy this fruit, you need to be able to choose it correctly, since the most delicious fruits are the most delicious. If you still bought an unripe fruit, let it lie down for several days until it becomes soft, and its pulp will not become like jelly. Feihoa shows useful properties only when fully ripened.

Feihoa has beneficial properties primarily due to the high iodine content. Only seafood can “boast” with such high content. Feihoa is recommended to use people who live in iodine deficiency areas, as well as people who have problems with the thyroid gland. Feihoa will also have beneficial properties for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, stomach.

In addition to the fact that it contains iodine, Feihoa also has beneficial properties thanks to vitamin C, sucrose, fiber, apple acid. In the fruit peel there is a large number of antioxidants, which are an excellent preventive agent against cancer, but rarely anyone eats this fruit with the peel due to its excessive stool. So that Feihoa does not lose useful properties, the peel can be dried and added to various drinks. This will serve as an excellent tool for strengthening immunity.

Feihoa preserves useful properties in any form, so it can be consumed fresh as a fruit and in a treated form, as an ingredient in a salad, sauce, filling, dessert.   

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