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Ferrari 458 Spider

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The Italian automaker published official photos and information about his new chic convertible premium class. If you still do not understand what model we are talking about, now everything will become clear to you, Ferrari has announced the Ferrari 458 Spider 2012 model year.

Initially, there were rumors that Ferrari was preparing for sale a new four -door sedan with a hinged top, which was supposed to be the first model with this type of body in the arsenal of the Italian automaker, but the company’s leaders quickly dispelled this myth. In fact, it was about Ferrari 458 Spider with a folding hard top, the engineers thought for a long time that they would establish a soft top, but still decided to go on a different path and install a hard aluminum top. Exactly the same roof was installed on models such as 360, 355 and on the previous version of Ferrari 458 Spider. The mechanism allows you to open and close the top in just 14 seconds at speeds up to 50 km/h. As for the technical characteristics of the Italian supercar with a folding top, then under the hood of this car is a V8 V8 engine with a capacity of 570 horsepower. The motor is paired with a 7-step automatic double clutch gearbox, which allows you to disperse a sports convertible from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3, 1 seconds. The cost of the new Ferrari 458 Spider 2012 will be declared at the Geneva Motor Show, which will take place in two months.

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