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Honda Civic hatchback

by dnews7

The Japanese Automobile Company Honda has published information about the new model of the 2012 model year in the back of the hatchback. The official premiere of the novelty will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the beginning of which is scheduled for the beginning of this year. It is worth noting that a car for the domestic and European market will have a number of differences.

The first thing that catches your eye is the new design of the car body, it has become more smooth and at the same time aggressive. From the dicking point of dynamic characteristics, the new generation of Honda Tsivik has become more sports and attractive than say the model for North America. The five -door Japanese hatchback has a similar shape of the body with the previous generation, but still has a number of differences that are perfectly noticeable for fans of this brand. As for the technical characteristics, the most powerful version of the car is equipped with 2. 2 liter engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower and a 6-step-by-step manual gearbox. The cost of Honda Civic Hatchback 2012 starts from a mark of 620,000 rubles. We also knew that in the middle of the year a new version of Civic Type-R will appear.

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