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Opening Abkhazia

by dnews7

Remember the phrase from one famous film: “You won’t believe it, but Yakin threw his Kikimora, and now we are flying to Gagra!”. Perhaps the phrase is not reproduced so literally, but the general meaning is that Gagra is a kind of dream, where it is necessary or I want to fall. At least in Soviet times it was so.

This phrase will say a little less to the modern generation, like the names of Gudauta, New Athos or Pitsunda. All these resorts are located on the Black Sea, in the Republic of Abkhazia. By the way, from the border with Russia to Abkhazia only half an hour on a car. And it is from here that every spring they still bring to us a buttalgic yellow mimosa, terry and sweet. Why is it worth going here? Belt on the beaches of Sukhum, where you can still find a wild corner covered with pebbles, go to the same gagra to look at local notes or rush to Pitsunda, where relict pines grow. Also, Abkhazia is a wonderful lake of Ritsa, reminiscent of a saucer of the correct shape, and, of course, the new Athos is a monastery complex in the Greek prototype. In Abkhazia, they understand the Russian language well and with pleasure speak, slightly carpeting words, and even here they grow tangerines, the very ones that we love so much for the New Year. As for the hotel fund, in this regard, Abkhazia is still behind, maintaining in many ways a system of boarding houses, sanatoriums and private hotels. On the one hand, this is a minus, because a modern tourist is already accustomed to comfort and developed infrastructure, and on the other hand, Abkhazia offers what is almost impossible to buy for money – an atmosphere of universal location and hospitality. This is what distinguishes Abkhazia from promoted Turkey or Egypt, makes it more human and closer.

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